Maximize your LinkedIn potential

There is more you can do with the platform...

October 12, 2020
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  • The modern world is more competitive than ever before. Professional growth demands standing out to be noticed. LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to cope up with this demand of the digital age and make an impact. But are you utilizing it to its potential?

    Here are few ways to do just that...

    1. A Professional Photo:

    The popular opinion for one’s profile picture on LinkedIn is one that portrays the person as a professional and is a good practice to ensure a decent frame and background to go with it.

    However, another opinion goes on to state that the profile shall represent true current state of the individual keeping in view the circumstances, however still confining to certain professional boundaries.

    Lauren, an HR Consultant at Cisco shares an interesting viewpoint on why she changed her LinkedIn profile picture.

    Read the post here: Why I Changed my LinkedIn Profile Pic

    2. Experience:

    One key attribute many users of the platform miss out on is elaboration on their roles and responsibilities. Listing what value you have added to your workplace, specially in numbers is a good practice to express your potential to employers.

    Inclusion of any work experience that does not align with your current profession but rather is a depiction of your hobby/interest is a good way to express diversity of skills and increases chances of employability.