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Simpsons: The Mystery Cartoon.

There have been numerous times when the popular sitcom Simpsons has amazed the world by accurately predicting future events.

October 13, 2020
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  • Since the comic cartoon show started 31 years ago, it has made accurate predictions of some of the dynamic events taken place in the world from politics to technology. Let's have a look at what was predicted and happened in real so far.

    1.Horsemeat Scandal:

    In episode 19 of Season 5 of The Simpsons, Lunchlady Doris was seen making lunch for students at Springfield Elementary using "Assorted horse parts" and nine years later, in Ireland, something similar happened when Food Authority founded horse DNA in over one-third of beef burger samples in restaurants and supermarkets.

    2.Invention of Smartwatches:

    The sitcom introduced the idea of a watch you could use as a smartphone in episode 19 of season 6. Amazing was when after nearly 20 years, Apple released the smartwatches.

    3.Discovery of Higgs boson Equation:

    In Episode 1 of season 8, Simpson is shown as an inventor in front of a blackboard working on a complicated equation. The author Simon Singh stated, the equation predicts the mass of Higgs Boson particle which was first predicted in 1964 by Professor Peter Higgs along with five other physicists. The proof of Higgs Boson was discovered by the scientists in 2013 in an experiment worth of billions.

    4.Disney takes over 20th Century Fox:

    Season 10's episode 5 with the title of "When you dish upon a star" showed Ron Hower and Brian Gazer producing a script Homer pitches at 20th Century Fox and a sign in front of the studio headquarters reveal that it is a division of Walt Disney Corporation. The prediction became true when on December 14th 2017, Disney took over 21st Century fox as an addition to its film production assets. It has now rights to popular shows "X-men", "Avatar" and "The Simpsons".

    5.Daenerys Targaryen's twist in GOT:

    An episode of season 29 aired in 2017 showed similar situations of what happened in "Game of Thrones" including the entry of three eyed Raven and a dragon attacking innocent people in a village. This became real when an episode of GOT showcased Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon obliterating lives of thousands of people. It actually left the fans shocked.

    6.Noble Prize Winner Prediction:

    Season 22, episode 1 started with Lisa, Martin, Database, and Milhouse betting on noble prize winners on a betting scorecard with name of Professor Bengt Holmstrom written on it. You will be amused to know that exactly six years after the episode was aired, Professor Bengt Holmstrom won noble Prize in economics in 2016.Crazy!

    7.US win in Curling at the Olympics:

    An episode which aired in 2010 showcased Marge and Homer Simpson beating Sweden in an Olympics game of Curling. It happened in real as the biggest upsets of 2018 when U.S curling team defeated Sweden and won a gold medal. It was when the realization of Simpsons accuracy in predictions became stronger because in real, U.S won over despite of the fact that they were actually behind in the game.

    8.Trump Presidency:

    From so many accurate predictions, people's favorite is one when episode 17 of season 11 showed Lisa Simpson becoming the President of United States and referring to Trump as a Reform Party Candidate and then the prediction became the truth when in 2016, Donald Trump became the U.S president after winning the elections. To add on to our surprise, the sitcom had made some other predictions about Trump too, let's see if any of them becomes true or not.

    9.Video Chat feature:

    Another episode of the sitcom with the title "Lisa's Wedding" showed communication going on screens with visuals instead of a phone. Soon after that, the world saw Facetime, Skype and many such applications taking over the communication style.

    10.Autocorrect feature:

    Talking about Simpson's predictions related to tech features, we cannot forget the episode when text "Beat up Martha" was translated to "Eat up Martha". If sources are to believed, it is stated that this episode proved to be the source of inspiration for creating the feature of Autocorrect in smartphones. It is also being said that Apple officers, when working on the Iphone keyboard, used to quote the dialogue "Eat up, Martha" to stay motivated.

    11.Three Eyed fish:

    An episode of season 2 showed a three-eyed fish named blinky. It was supposed to be considered a fictional character until 2011 when in Argentina, fishermen caught a three eyed wolf fish in a reservoir that too near a nuclear plant. Strange, isnt it?

    12:Corona virus prediction:

    The mindboggling "Covid-19" was also an event of the comic Simpsons. When the outbreak started spreading in the world, it was said that the sitcom has already predicted the outbreak of a deadly virus with the name "Corona" in one of his episodes.

    13.Tom Hanks catching Covid-19:

    An episode aired in 2007 showed Tom Hanks appearance in the show doing an advertisement of new grand canyon and further stating,"This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, please, please, leave me be. It is believed by the sitcom fans that this statement was somehow related to his illness. The actor on real caught the virus in 2020 and was hospitalised.

    This American sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Studio definitely knows how to grab worldwide attention. Written by a number of writers, "The Simpsons" is running since 31 long years and has been titled as one of the longest American Tv shows both in terms of number of episodes and seasons. The sitcom keeps making headlines with its uncanny predictions becoming true every now and then.

    It becomes quite difficult to come up to a conclusion how the predictions were made years back that accurately and similar incidents are taking place to that of what has been showed. Let us know what is your opinion on this?

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