Boost Your Career with These Technology-Oriented Courses

Technology is the future and there are courses designed to help employees survive in their company.

October 14, 2020
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  • The after-effects of COVID 19 can be seen in the sinking economy of many countries. The new graduates are confused about whether they will be able to land that job they have been dreaming about while studying? Many organizations have laid off a number of employees during the lockdown and many are struggling to survive post lockdown.

    Keeping the ever-changing situation of the job market in mind, one has to take some crucial decisions regarding their career choices. Organizations are already struggling to continue their operations. They need employees who can work smart and can contribute to reducing their overheads. In this situation, only those can survive who is aware of the future demands of the nature of the work of their organization. 

    In order to get ahead of others in the organization or peers, one has to look for options to attain additional technology oriented certifications that will help them perform better at work. Many courses related to boost one’s career are available online. Let’s look at some of the career-oriented courses one can take.

    Big Data Analytics

    With the increasing use of technology in almost every field, handling and analyzing data has become crucial for businesses to grow. To acquire this expertise, Big Data Analytics is the course to go for. This course offers learners the ability to comprehend big data of companies, storage, management, and testing of unstructured data and the usage of Spark in building spark applications. 

    This course is suitable for graduates who want to pursue a career in IT, senior IT experts, Analytics experts, project managers, software developers, and many others. To check if this course is suitable for you, you can visit this link.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Young graduates who are looking to work in media, finance, high tech industries, or mere journalism organizations should consider this course of Artificial Intelligence. This course also helps employees who are already working in elevating their careers. 

    In this course, you will learn about artificial intelligence applications in businesses, life, and its scope in the future. Machine learning is also a part of this course. This course covers fundamental concepts of AI, hence anyone can easily understand it.  To know more about this course, you can click here.

    5G Telecommunication Training

    5G also known as the 5th generation mobile network is the future of telecommunication. The big telecommunication companies are looking for individuals who have a solid knowledge of future technology domains like 5G. With the invention of 5G technology, 22.3 million jobs are created already. It is also responsible for 2.1 trillion dollars in GDP growth. With this huge impact of this latest technology, individuals who want to choose a very lucrative career for themselves, this course is a must to consider. For a detailed outline of this course, go to this link.

    Blockchain Development

    In simple words, blockchain is a record-keeping technology. Recently, many organizations are utilizing blockchain technology for keeping records of their assets. This technology stores records of the assets with their date, time, and amount of purchase assigning a specific hash to it. 

    With the rise in implementing blockchain technology in almost every business, the demand for blockchain developers has risen multifold. Now young individuals can take blockchain development as a full-time career by taking a course for blockchain for everything and can earn a lucrative salary. for the description of this course click here.

    These were some of the short career-oriented courses that can boost anyone’s career. The future is digitizing, one should be fully equipped with the latest technology trends to survive in the future digital world. 

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