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Should You Go for iPhone 12 Or Not

Upgraded features of the iPhone 12 that help in deciding whether or not you should buy it.

October 25, 2020
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  • Technology
  • SmartPhones

  • Last week’s talk of the town in the gadget’s world has been the iPhone 12 release. On Tuesday 13th, Apple released iPhone 12 four models in different price ranges which are iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The price of the new iPhone 12 models is in the range of $699 to $1099. Starting from iPhone mini priced at $699 then comes iPhone 12 for $799, after that iPhone 12 Pro for $999, and then finally, iPhone 12 Pro Max for $1099.  

    iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be available from Oct 23, however, you can also pre-order it on Oct 16 and iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available from Nov 13 which can be pre-ordered on Nov 6. 

    Was it Worth Waiting for iPhone 12?

    Now, let’s talk about the upgraded specs and features iPhone has brought in the latest iPhone 12 models so that the existing iPhone owners can easily decide if it’s the time to upgrade to new iPhone 12 models or they can still use iPhone's previous models for a year or two more. 

    Apple iPhone 12 comes with 5G Technology

    Apple has introduced 5G technology in its brand new iPhone 12 models. This means its users can now enjoy 5G internet speed and can browse faster than ever. iPhone 12 has a smart data mode, that assesses itself if it should use the 5G network or not. In case if it doesn’t need a 5G network, it automatically switches to a 4G network and saves battery life. 

    In addition to the 5G network, Apple also upgraded its processor in iPhone 12 models. The iPhone 12 is equipped with the A-14 Bionic chipset, that’s claimed to be 40% more powerful than the A-13 chipset which was in iPhone 11 phones. Apple claims it to be the “Fastest ever smartphone chipset”. 

    iPhone 12 Camera is Equipped with Powerful Night Mode Feature

    iPhone 12 is featuring improved low light pictures through its 12MP wide camera. This feature of night mode is claimed to be 27% better than the previous iPhone 11 phones. 

    Apple is launching ProRAW in its iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max near the end of this year. This feature will allow users to edit the Raw files of their photos using other picture editing tools.

    If we talk about video, iPhone 12 Pro is equipped with HDR video and Dolby Vision HDR which is introduced for the first time in any smartphone.

    iPhone 12 comes with MagSafe, a New Feature to look out for

    MagSafe is the latest feature installed in the new iPhone 12 phones. The advantage of this feature is that it contains a magnet inside the phone that holds wireless charging intact. It also places the phone in the accurate place where the wireless charger is. The phone will charge at a speed of 15W which is more than the previous iPhone models.

    A Powerful Protector Ceramic Shield is a Bonus for Rough Users

    iPhone 12 front is protected by a ceramic shield, which replaced the old cover glass. The new ceramic shield is infused with nano-ceramic crystals that give 4x better protection if dropped accidentally.

    Shortcomings in iPhone 12 models:

    • iPhone 12 does not come with power adapter.
    • iPhone 12 also does not contain EarPods.
    • iPhone 12 battery, when utilized on 5G doesn't seem to be great because 5G requires more battery thus, if you want speed, you have to compromise on your battery.
    • For now, 5G networks are not fully available around the world. Though, the 5G technology is becoming increasingly available in many developed countries.

    The Decision to Buy is Yours

    So, these were the upgrades Apple has introduced in its new iPhone 12 lineup, all of the specs and features are more or less the same like in iPhone's previous series. Considering all the upgrades, now, it depends upon you to decide whether you want to buy the new iPhone 12 or iPhone's previous models are still a better deal for you*.

    Now before we conclude this article, we want to suggest to all the prospective buyers of iPhone 12 to wait a few more days and analyze more pros and cons of iPhone 12 and give the device some time to prove itself as a smartphone worth the price. But it is highly unlikely that there might be issues with the new iPhone 12 lineup because after all we are talking about Apple here and Apple is all about its brand reputation, So, they of all people know how not to take risks.

    *Whenever a smartphone company releases a new flagship device its performance increases by only 10%-20% from its predecessor. Which in our opinion doesn't make much of a difference for many of us. So, you could always buy iPhone 11 this year at a slashed price of just $600 [64gb] and $750 [256gb] which is a really great deal as compared to $830 [64gb] and $980[256gb] for iPhone 12 respectively.

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