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10 April Fool's Day 2021 campaigns that brands pulled off creatively!

A round of applause to all the social media managers who had their April Fool’s Day campaigns signed off in time.

April 09, 2021
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  • April Fool’s Day is not only favored by individuals but brands equally look to cash in on the buzz of the day making it the corporate’s LOL day. 

    It’s that time of the year - Trust nobody. Believe nothing.

    Last year’s April Fool’s Day shenanigans were canceled as no made-up prank would’ve matched the unbelievable things happening in the world! But this year, brands jumped all in, crafting fake content, writing absurd headlines, and even promoting faux products.

    After carrying out some social listening, we have pulled together some of the best and worst pranks around April fool’s day campaigns this year.


    Volkswagen april fools day 2021

    Two days before 1st April, the German car giant issued a media release claiming to rebrand itself as “Voltswagen” in the U.S. They also headed over to Twitter to announce this name change and the tweet goes like:

    “We know, 66 is an unusual age to change your name, but we’ve always been young at heart. Introducing Voltswagen. Similar to Volkswagen, but with a renewed focus on electric driving. Starting with our all-new, all-electric SUV the ID.4 - available today.”

    The prank was aimed to promote the company’s new electric vehicle for the American market. It was all going ok until now, but when media organizations approached VW with skepticism, Volkswagen assured them it was real. But then, later in the day, the company backed off.

    The stunt did more harm than good to Volkswagen after pissing off every media organization on the planet - from the BBC to Reuters! According to stats, Volkswagen garnered 6% positive mentions and 15.5% negative ones. 

    McDonald’s Three Fries Portion

    You know when you order fries, and your friends say they don’t want any. But the moment your fries arrive, about half the box is gone.

    Annoying right?

    For April Fool’s Day, McDonald’s joked about a Three Fries portion for friends who “just want a few”. The prank was well received among the masses and people really wished for it to be real. 

    Duolingo roll

    According to a social media finding, people who learn a new language on Duolingo practice their skills while using the toilet. With these time savvy individuals in mind - Duolingo decided to make it a marketing moment by faux language learning Duolingo roll – available in five languages and coming in a range of bright colors. 

    Duolingo April Fools Day

    Duolingo announced it with the tagline:

    "Language learning is hard... so we made it soft."

    The campaign was very well put together and they even changed their landing page! 

    Pringles Lip Balm

    Pringles took to their official twitter account to announce the launch of their very own line of lip balms - PringlesTingles with crowd favorite flavors such as Salt and Vinegar and Sour Cream and Onion. 

    I can almost feel that salt and vinegar on my lips lol!

    Tiffany & Co


    Think of the word “Tiffany” and iconic blue trademark hue instantly comes up in mind. The robin egg blue color has become a part of the luxury jewelry company’s legacy.

    So when Tiffany took to the Instagram to “Introduce its new House color,” with a hashtag #TiffanyYellow - the idea that Tiffany & Co. has willingly walked away from it’s iconic blue color just didn’t make sense.

    But then many were quick to point out: They made the announcement on Thursday - April Fool’s Day.

    Heinz Smoup

    Heinz x Innocent - the two icons teamed up this April fools day to bring smoup! Smoothie + Soup. Smoup is a tasty blend of the iconic Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup and innocent’s best selling strawberry and banana smoothie.



    BMW actually poked fun at itself in it’s April fools day campaign. There’s been a famous joke about BMW drivers that they never use their turn signals, and endless memes on it. 

    So BMW took it to their Instagram to announce removing of turn signals from cars by 2022. BMW posted a short video clip about sustainability and how it must eliminate most underutilized feature in its vehicles and guess what it was? Turn Signals. 

    Subway Helping Hand

    Subway’s giant sandwich Footlong Sub occupies both hands while eating, leaving customers unable to catch up on social media or messages during their lunch hour.

    Subway took the april fools day to announce the launch of their new ‘Helping Hand’ gadget that would tackle the problem of scrolling through social media while eating Footlong Sub! 

    Subway april fools 2021


    There’s no worse pain in this world than standing on a piece of Lego. Lego too knows this and they decided to cash in on this particular pain point.

    Lego announced on twitter that SmartBricks are coming soon - when your foot approaches pieces of Lego across the floor, the bricks will scatter in all directions! 

    Even though it was an April fool’s prank but this would actually be very useful lol.

    John Frieda

    As we all know, going blonde requires one heck of a maintenance! You have to be careful about your blonde hair eventually turning yellow or green undertones showing through.

    john frieda ketchup crush

    While we do have purple shampoos to combat the yellow tones of blonde hair, John Frieda took April fools day to announce the launch of it’s new Ketchup Crush range, an intensive red shampoo to keep those green tones at bay. 

    Well we actually need something like this!

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