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UFOS - Do Aliens Really Exist?

Do you believe in the possibility that life may exist elsewhere in the universe as-well? Are UFOs the proof of their existence?

May 24, 2021
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  • Science
  • Astronomy

  • Being nothing but a tiny speck in the monstrosity which is our ever-growing universe, it's nearly impossible to believe that life exists only on our planet. The debate has been going on for a long time, and continues to amaze the human race as more and more evidence bubbles to the surface. Is it true? Are aliens real?

    UFO - Unidentified Flying Object sightings date back to as far as 1440 BCE, when Egyptians reported spherical disk-like objects hovering over the sky. Many "ships in the sky" were caught in Rome in around 218 BC as-well. The alleged sightings accumulated as time went on, with paintings showing many bodies resembling, what we now think of, as UFOs.

    A-lot of the sightings share one thing in common; bright lights or a cigar-shaped object moving extremely fast. Reports from different times by different people of different backgrounds sharing a similar experience definitely says something about their existence.

    Other than just sightings, many have claimed to be abducted by these creatures and have had actual experiences with them. Travis Walton claimed to be abducted (1975) by aliens for 5 days, and published a book about it called "The Walton Experience". The following year, four campers reported a similar experience near Allagash. 2 years later, a farmer was also reported to have been captured by extra-terrestrials and medically examined. The creatures were described as anatomically short, with green facial features.

    Gaining recognition by sparking conspiracy and curiosity , this topic became a world-wide phenomenon as it entered pop-culture, with movies like "20 Million Miles to Earth", "E.T", and of-course, "Alien". In the movies their personality may vary from friendly to downright deathly, but it always makes us wonder...if they do exist, are they already here?


    Are aliens real?

    Even in the 21st century, there have been many incidents of people reporting sightings of spherical objects that move at exceptionally high speeds. After it was discovered that Area 51 had been hidden from public view on Google Earth, many conspiracies began to take place regarding the classified US base being a hub for extra-terrestrial activity. Other than just pure speculation, the rumors began to spread due to a former army colonel who came out with some information surrounding this topic. This debate has been further backed up by leaked images and videos. (UFO Sightings by Scott C. Waring-Taiwan)

    About a year ago, the pentagon officially released 3 videos that were captured by the US forces, and confirmed the authenticity to clear any doubts about its validity. “The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as unidentified.’”, this was reported by a pentagon official. With hard-core evidence of government officials acknowledging UFOs, it becomes quite difficult to argue against the possibility. While this does not necessarily prove that aliens in-fact exist; it for sure has a massive impact on the debate. Here


    What are the odds of us being alone in the cosmos?

    When thinking about the universe, most of us think about the planets in our solar system; Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and a-lot of stars, and our thought ends there. This is most certainly not the case. The universe is unbelievable big; it contains planets and stars which are part of a solar system, zooming out... there is an interstellar neighborhood which contains other solar-systems, moving out further, there is our milky-way galaxy, which is part of a group containing many similar galaxies. This process continues till we reach our observable universe, which has a diameter of 93 billion light-years, which is astronomically incomprehensible! Furthermore, the universe is expanding at the speed of light and we do not know what lies beyond the universe we have already observed.

    Why haven't they visited us?

    As discussed above, the alleged UFO sightings seem to claim that life from outer-space has already collided with Earth, but it still hasn't been proven, therefore we continue to believe that either they don't exist, or that they haven't visited us.

    There are many views that discuss the reason why, if extra-terrestrial beings exist, haven't come down here yet. With theories ranging from depressing to outright mind-boggling, the reasons may shock you.

    Fermi Paradox - given its name after the physicist Enrico Fermi, the idea goes that with the universe being bewilderingly enormous, that even with the probability of life existing being very small, theoretically there should still be life observable somewhere outside of Earth. So, why are there no hints of existence anywhere in the solar system?

    Perhaps the aliens are sleeping, maybe they are dead? What if they don't want to meet us? Or maybe they already came down here and didn't like it? Are they the ones who built the pyramids? There are a-lot of ideas which we can only ponder over, but maybe in the future we'll be able to conduct interstellar travel and find out more...till then, we should enjoy our life here on our beautiful planet, Earth, and not worry about something we don't have control over.



    We don't know whether the ancient relics, or the modern-day tales are factual or just works of the imagination, yet we continue to dive deeper into this topic. Taking the gigantic size of the universe, paired with evidence and reports that date back centuries, it seems highly unlikely that life only exists here on Earth. However, then again, with no substantial proof of alien life, the debate continues.

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