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Food Startups, The New Trend in Startup Industry!

Year 2020 has brought some amazing small businesses in the limelight which one's business mind should must have a look at.

October 01, 2020
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  • Startups
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  • Entrepreneurship in the latest trends has brought in front some amazing and cool ideas. Among those, Food start-ups can be seen as the easiest and the commonly initiated ideas. Lets catch a view of some engaging ideas.

    1. Meatable

    Official Website: Visit Site

    One of the organic food production companies producing and selling lab-grown meat in the market. Founders are of the point of view that current meat production is not capable enough of meeting the future needs. They also believe that direct slaughtering is a cruel approach. A single cell from animal body is taken and the whole organ can be processed in the labs within three weeks.

    An amazing approach to quality food with increased security, interesting!

    2. Choco

    Official Website : Visit Site

    Choco is a startup connecting restaurants and suppliers worldwide making the wholesome food available a call away, that too worldwide and free. It has simplified the communication and is of an aim to help people with their potential service.

    3. Eat Mubarak

    Official Website: Visit Site

    A Pakistani Startup for meal delivery comprising of various cuisines such as American, Afghani, Turkish, Thai, Continental, Italian and many more. The company is based in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. For an easy access, their app is available for Android and IOS platform.

    4. Home Chef

    Official Website: Visit Site

    A go-to platform for ordering home made food from variety of dishes available. Users can search what is in the menu just by entering keywords. Promising feature is the weekly subscription of lunch boxes for office staff and students. The company provides food delivery as well and claims to have 50 chefs.

    5. Food Fusion

    Official Website: Visit Site

    An online platform for recipe access all based on the user's preference of ingredients, serving, preparation-time. It has step-by-step videos available for a single recipe. On special occasions of Eid and Ramadan, it launches series of special dishes as well. Easy and convenient, an impactful idea.

    Ideas of providing quality food with an easy access in an intriguing way is a total win if you are of the mindset of starting your own small business.

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